Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A House You Cannot Throw Stones From/Be Naked In

You could never live in this all-glass house if you are a) obsessive compulsive, because think of the finger prints or b) you ever hope to be naked in privacy.

 But in this Daring Architecture, designers have made a total glass house possible.
 Now I have seen some pretty interesting, edgy and exciting architecture before, but I think this takes the cake, an entire house made of glass! Read about this interesting piece of architecture.

 Italian architect Carlo Santambrogio and designer Enno Arosic have released two concept homes constructed entirely out of blue-toned glass. These home were originally created as concepts to showcase Santambrogio's glass furniture line Simplicity. Although these glass homes have yet to become a reality they apparently are options to build at a mere $6200 per square foot.

 Assuming we put aside the obvious questions like how safe are these homes, where is the plumbing and electrical, how well are they insulated, how dirty would the glass get, etc; if you had the money, the privacy, the land and the view to live in a home where the fluidity of interior and exterior become one, would you do it? Could you live in such an exposed, sterile and minimal fashion? This is definitely not for the faint of heart, but you have to admit it is stunning in a utopian kind of way.

But if you're a total exhibitionist, have at it! The good news is, no one can actually live in this beautiful pair of blue glass houses, unless they're super rich (they costs $6,200 per square foot to build) and love impractical things (once again, it is a house made entirely of glass). They were created by Italian architect Carlo Santambrogio and designer Enno Arosic as a concept to promote Simplicity, Santambrogio's glass furniture line, which is presumably marketed toward heavy cocaine users.

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