Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Your next Bra might feature pocket for carrying phones and keys!

alttextMen’s underwear has already been modified to give them added functionality thanks to Sly Underwear, and now JoeyBra is doing the same for women’s undergarments with a side pocket for carrying world's most essential items: mobile phones and keys.

JoeyBra products include a side pocket that could eliminate the need for women to carry a purse.


While some women may use their bra as a makeshift holder when no other alternative is available, the JoeyBra features an elastic pocket on the side which is able to securely fit a smartphone, keys, loose change or identification into it. The startup hopes that the items will allow women to go out and about without having to take a purse with them, as well as making their belongings harder to steal. The bras are designed to be fashionable as well as practical and look like a normal bra when not carrying anything. The Original JoeyBra, which retails at USD 19.99, comes in three sizes and features a leopard print design. According to the company, it has sold out of its first run but more will be available soon.
The JoeyBra offers a simple solution that provides convenience and safety to women. How else could clothing be adapted for better practicality?

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